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"The past haunts the present in “Henry IV” — and... in this resentment-scarred kingdom, betrayals beget more betrayals and bloodshed more bloodshed. You can even read this sad truth into the Welsh song that Glendower’s daughter (Vanessa Sterling) sings in one of the production’s most haunting moments: Wild and melancholy, the song seems to acknowledge a deep hurt in the world that a victorious battle — or a spree in a tavern — can only temporarily salve."

- Celia Wren, The Washington Post


Vanessa Sterling Actor/Singer


"[T]he scene I loved most in the production was the early scene between Hamlet and Ophelia, the tender one. Vanessa Sterling as Ophelia was for me the finest actor in this production, and in this scene she got gentleness out of him. It ended without the kind of rancor we are used to, but with a kind of resignation on Hamlet’s part.  The intensity of Ms. Sterling’s speaking held the house in silence. No fluttering butterfly this one, she owned her moments... this Ophelia was easily one of the finest I have seen."

- Keith Kibler, The Berkshire Review

"Vanessa Sterling as the aforementioned Ophelia shines in the brilliantly paced second act. When Sterling runs onto the stage, you take notice and hold your breath."

- Will Gallagher, Discover Albany

​Listen to me sing Ophelia's Song, byMichael Roth, from Capital Repertory Theatre's recent production of Hamlet!

I'm an AEA Actor/Singer, originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, and a graduate of Ithaca College's BFA Acting Program.

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​"Edmund Mortimer (Aaron Gaines) and Lady Mortimer (Vanessa Sterling) make a delightful couple, and Lady Mortimer’s song is haunting and lovely."

- Sophia Howes, DC Metro Theatre Arts

 I have extensive training and experience working in a variety of performance genres, including classical, contemporary, and musical theatre, as well as interactive and improvisational comedy, theatre for young audiences, and film.

Please feel free to look around and contact me with any questions or future projects!

"Though heavily male-dominated, Vanessa Sterling holds her own in one of a handful of female roles as Lady Mortimer, daughter of Glendower, who sings a haunting Welsh ballad."

- Chuck Conconi, Washington Life Magazine